Ultimate Breeder Kennel Club, aka UBKC, is a new kind of animal pedigree registry company. The UBKC is unlike anything the animal registry community has ever seen before.

UBKC was the FIRST to pioneer and patent a unique business model which is proven to purify the genetics of purebred animals and is designed to ensure the genetic heritage of all animals are protected for future generations. No other pedigree registry on the planet has ever dared to test the limits of mixing genetic sequence mapping and technology to compile such a complete pedigree registry company.

Through the efforts of the Ultimate Breeder Kennel Club, it has become possible for the first time in history for all breeders to work together as a single unit. The UBKC has placed the power needed into the hands of the breeders while working within the guidelines of an organized registry company. By working together and motivated by our passion to improve the breeds, bloodlines and genetics, we will create the ultimate breeds of the animals we love.

The UBKC stands for and supports responsible breeding methods, morally based business practices, and the purification of the genetics of all animal breeds, breed types and bloodlines. The UBKC strives to remove back yard breeders and puppy mills which instigate a ruination of our animals’ genetics which is also detrimental to their safety and health.

Our goal is to strive for a pure genetic line of purebreds within each of the breeds we support. Our aim is to preserve the pure genetics of each breed by bringing paper-hanging to an end once and for all.


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