Ultimate Breeder Kennel Club, UBKC Registry, is an all breed animal pedigree registry company. UBKC recognizes all breeds of animals including Dogs, Cats, 4H and Farm animals, Birds, and even Exotics such as Skunks, Otters, Monkeys and others.

UBKC was the first Pedigree Registry to pioneer and patent a unique business model which is proven to help purify the genetics of purebred animals. Our unique Patent Pending testing procedures are designed to prevent the falsification of pedigree lineages. Our goal is to ensure that the purity of genetic lineages for all purebred animals are protected for future generations. No other Pedigree Registry company has ever dared to push the limits of technology and genetic sequence mapping to develop pedigree registry company capable of so much.

The undying and unwavering dedication of the UBKC Registry to protect the integrity of our registry and the accuracy of the pedigree lineages which we register is unmatched by any other Registry company on earth. Our No documentation, no registration, no excuse policy is one of the toughest and most enforced among any other registry company. We understand that as time passes and people evolve, so do the genetics of the animals which we represent. Therefore we are constantly evaluating and monitoring the breeds registered with us, and evaluating our written sets of breed standards for each of those breeds. Sometimes change is needed, and sometimes the Breed Standards may need to evolve to stay relevant with the animals as the animals evolve. We understand this, and we promise our membership that we will always monitor the breeds, and provide the most up to date, and most physically health conscious Breed Standards available in the industry!

The UBKC stands for and supports those who practice responsible and morally based breeding practices within their breeding programs and Kennels. We strive to remove back-yard breeders and puppy mills from our membership, as such persons promote a ruination of our animals’ genetics, which is detrimental to the safety and health of the animals we all love. We have a zero tolerance policy for those who choose to do things outside the guidelines, those who choose to hang papers, and those who are found guilty of unethical breeding practices.

If you are found to breed unhealthy physical characteristics, or maintain unhealthy and/or unsafe living conditions for your animals, your membership will be revoked, and you will forfeit all rights to registration certification. Our goal and Mission Statement is to preserve the purity of the genetic lineages of each breed of animals that we recognize by bringing paper-hanging to an absolute and unforgiving end once and for all.


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Monday – Friday

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