The UBKC is proud to announce that starting immediately; we are now welcoming independent Vendors to all of our shows!

We are now accepting Vendors whom would like to sell the DOG RELATED products such as harnesses, vitamins, food, clothing, etc., at all of our shows. If you would be interested in selling your merchandise at a UBKC event, you can get your own booth at the event and you keep your profits!

The stipulations are that your items being sold cannot be in direct conflict with the merchandise sold by the UBKC. Additionally, the products or services you sell must be dog/animal related in nature.

We will guarantee that your market is saved specifically for you. Meaning, that if you sell dog leashes, you would be the ONLY vendor allowed to sell dog leashes at that show, giving you a cutting edge with no competition.

However, all spots are first come, first serve!

Booth Fees for Vendors: $150.00 Flat Fee (You keep all profits)

  • Your booth includes a full size eight-foot table and two chairs.
  • Electricity and wireless Internet are not available at all shows.
  • All items sold by vendors, must be pet/animal related items.

Pipe & Drape Booths will be available in the near future.


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