Here you will find a list of Ultimate Breeder Kennel Club  approved event Judges.  ALL UBKC Judges are selected strictly because of the high level of moral integrity they have shown through personal viewpoints regarding breed standards.  The persons we select to become UBKC Judges have shown a unique and strong conviction towards the importance of judging dogs based strictly on breed standards.

Being a UBKC Judge is a true honor as it denotes that a person possesses a characteristic of integrity and a true love for the breed.  Being selected as a UBKC Judge is a privilege, as our judges are held to the highest standards in the industry.

Do you have what it takes to be a UBKC event Judge?  If you are interested in becoming a UBKC  event Judge, please fill out the form.  We will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your submission.


Judges are required to ensure that any dog with a disqualifying trait must not be considered for placement in a conformation event, to the extent that the dog is not even approved to participate in the event. Any such disqualifying traits must be reported to UBKC within 72 business hours by the Judge discovering said traits.

All Judges are required to maintain professional ethics in the ring while judging animals. Judges are held accountable for their decision making when handing down awards at any UBKC event. They are expected to hold to the breed standards, as set forth by the UBKC at all times, without wavering from the breed standards because of personal bias.

Judges not holding to the breed standards will lose their privilege of being a UBKC judge for the following reasons; Not enforcing the breed standards when handing down awards or status titles, or not removing a dog from the show ring whom is known to have a UBKC disqualifying trait. Judges may also lose their position for not stepping down from an event when a person personally known to the Judge, when a dog owned by a person personally known to the Judge, or when a dog that the Judge may have at one time owned, enters into competition within a show that said Judge is overseeing.

Being a UBKC Judge is a privilege, not a “right”. UBKC Judge are held to the highest standards in the industry, because the UBKC sets the highest standards in the industry. Our Judges are among the best, they expect the best, they deliver the best, because they are a team of people who work for the best!


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