Shorty Bull

Males: 30 – 35 Lbs / 13” – 15” tall.
Females: 27 – 32 Lbs / 11” – 14” tall.
Lifespan: 10 – 16 years

Temperament: A playful breed. A definite cuddler, but always ready to go hard.

Group: Working Dog

General Appearance: The Shorty Bulls are compact, muscular Bulldogs, bred for their versatility and all around ease of maintenance. They are active dogs and maintain good health while retaining some of the original Bulldog features!

The focus is the overall appearance of the head and features. The head is somewhat rounded in shape, to slightly squared edges; There should be distinct indentations on the cheeks, under the eyes, with some minor wrinkling on the stop, separated by a furrow in the mid-line of the stop, moving over the top skull into the occiput. A broad and pronounced stop is desired. The head should join well to the neck and shoulders, not giving the appearance of distinct difference at the adjoining points. But more the illusion of being “sculpted” from a single beginning.

FACE: The face should provide the typical Bulldog features, with fullness to the face and head lending to a “heavy” appearance of the head.

EYES: Eyes set far apart and should not protrude. May be any color, although brown or amber being preferred.
NOTE: Some registries allow for a Bilateral or single blue eye providing the dog lacks pigment in skin, or has a white coat. This is evidence of a genetic fault caused by the absence of genomes which carry the code within the DNA for coloration of the skin and/or eyes. This missing genome has been linked to deafness in some breeds. For this reason, the UBKC does not allow this characteristic without a Genotype Mapping Sequence test, to provide evidence that the dog tested is not a carrier of the deafness genome.

EARS: Ears should be set wide to the sides of the head. Should not be set high on top of the head, nor low or “houndy” off the sides. Cropped, or drop ears are the preferred ear presentations.

NOSE: Should be turned up slightly, with solid black or liver colored being the preferred colors. Any color that is in keeping of the coat color of the dog is also acceptable.

MUZZLE: The muzzle is short and broad. It should come out from the skull, and should not be indented or pushed up between the eyes. Jawline should be curved, adding definition to the jawline.

TEETH: A slight undershot, or reverse scissor bite is preferred. The tongue should stay inside the mouth, not being noticeable when the mouth is closed.

Point Eliminating Faults: Too short or too long of a muzzle. Ears set high on the head. Unevenly shaped ears. Cut too short (battle shaved ears). Extreme Over or under-bite, level bite or wry bite.
Serious Faults: Excessively loose wrinkles on the face, or muzzle. Misshapen, Bulging, displaced, or evenly set eyes. Eyes will be Cherry eye, entropion eyes. Dudley eyes. No pigment around eyes, or flews. Straight jawline.

Approved by UBKC – April 11, 2017