American Bully

A Working dog with a high drive, and energy. Enjoys cuddling, and can be used to protect families.

Males: 70 – 110 Lbs / 16” – 20” tall.
Females: 60 – 90 Lbs / 14” – 19” tall.
Lifespan: 10 – 14 years

Temperament: Happy, outgoing, and confident. Gentle and loving toward people, and very curious and interested in what its owner is doing. Very loyal and affectionate.
Genotype Markers: The American Bully genetics will be found to contain varying amounts of the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the English Bulldog.

General Appearance:

The American Bully should give the impression of great strength for its size. Compact to medium/large size dog with a muscular body and blocky, boulder-like head. Powerful in its movement and should display purposeful movement at the same time. Keenly alive and alert to its surroundings. The American Bully should have the appearance of heavy bone structure with a Bully build and look.

The American Bully breed is recognizable by its characteristic compact, strong, thick-set structure and build. Their appearance reflects a strong American Pit Bull Terrier foundation, blended with stock from other bull breeds such as the English Bulldog.

The overall balance and correct proportions of an athlete are essential, and absolute soundness and proper muscle tone is a must.

Head properties are in proportion to the body, reasonable, and free of exaggeration so as to not compromise breathing and/or obstruct normal vision.

It is a smooth coated dog that possesses great strength for its size. Although quite muscular, it is active and agile. Its presence is a picture of tremendous power and stamina that belies its kind and loyal temperament.

OVERALL: The head should be boxy, chiseled and well defined. The “Centerpiece” of the dog. Large and broad, but with each part proportionate.

FACE: The face should always be tight, somewhat boxy or squared. A chiseled look with only moderate roundness. Face wrinkles are NOT preferred.

EYES: Almond to oval shape, wide apart, set deep & of moderate to large size. All colors except Heterochromia or Pink. Lacking pigment around the eye rim is undesirable, eyes should appear to have eyeliner. Minimal visibility of the haw is ok.

EARS: Should be set high, not flat or pricked. Cropping is acceptable if done by a Vet.

NOSE: Large, open nostrils. Any SOLID color/shade of grey, charcoal or black is acceptable. Though NOT PREFERRED, Red noses must be solid color, not splotchy.

MUZZLE: Medium Length 3-5”, Slight taper, shorter than the length of skull. Flews are fitting, not too loose or overhanging causing drooling.

TEETH: Optimal bite is upper teeth slightly outside lower teeth, forming a scissor bite. Reverse scissor or under-bight in non-desired.

Point Eliminating Faults: Too short or too long of a muzzle. Overly wide ears, flat ears droopy ears, or unevenly shaped ears. Ears that are cut too short (battle shaved ears). Over or under-bite, level bite or wry bite. No pigment in or under pigmented flews. Weak jawline. Eye rims with no outline pigmentation. Overly visible haw.

Serious Faults: Overly large or small heads for the body size. An excessively loose wrinkled skin on face, or muzzle. Bulging, displaced or evenly set eyes.

Approved by UBKC – April 11, 2017