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If you have any questions regarding UBKC events, please contact us.
Office: 877-759-4650

Rules & Regulations for attendance:

  1. UBKC Judges will awards status titles, show points strictly according to the UBKC breed standards.  No Judge shall show favoritism or bias when handing down awards, titles, points or status.
  2. Attendance policy require that any individual whom attends a UBKC event must be in good standing, and not currently under any type of suspension or probation membership status.  Likewise, any individual who may by under a suspension, or probationary status may not have their animal participate in any UBKC sanctioned event, even when that animal may be presented by any third party, or professional animal handler.
  3. Alcohol is strictly forbidden at ALL UBKC shows, including indoor and outdoor events.  Persons who are caught drinking alcohol at any UBKC event, even if such is hidden within a hidden or otherwise inconspicuous container, will be banned from future attendance of all UBKC events for a period of no less than six (6) months.  Furthermore, any points that a person may have acquired at an event in which they have been found to be drinking alcohol, shall be have all points, awards, titles and stats overturned (revoked) for said event.
  4. Under no circumstances are patrons, or breeders permitted to have a female animal whom may be in any degree or part of their heat cycle, present at any UBKC event.  No animal that may be within any stage of their heat cycle shall be allowed on the UBKC premises, or the premises where a UBKC show/event is taking place.  Persons whom disregard this policy will be asked to leave the premises and be asked to leave the event, without refund for entry fees.  Additionally, any persons whom shall enter their animal into a UBKC event, and it shall later become known to the UBKC that said animal was within their heat cycle during the participation in the event, shall have their awards, points, status and titles revoked and over-turned by the UBKC.  Furthermore, said animal owner and the animal handler will be banned from future attendance of all UBKC events for a period of no less than six (6) months.
  5. All animals present at ANY UBKC sanctioned event or fun show, regardless of their participation in said event or fun show, that are six months of age or older, shall be required to present Veterinarian records and tags for inoculations and rabies vaccinations prior to or at the time of registering for said event.  The following list of vaccinations / inoculations for each animal must be current at presented to the show Representative at the time of registration: Canine/Feline Distemper, Parvovirus and rabies.
  6. Judges may not be asked to offer, or give any advice on handling/showing an animal prior to or during the event.  Judges may not be asked to Judge an animal, or to review an animal prior to the event, and not until your animal is by policy and schedule, permitted within the show ring to be before the Judge.
  7. It is understood that by participating in any UBKC event, the contestant agrees before hand to accept any decision handed down by the presiding Judge and binding and finale.  Contestants shall not contact the UBKC office asking for a re-decision, or an over turning of a decision unless a direct violation of policies, or cheating of any nature has taken place.  HOWEVER, any such situation MUST be presented to the show host and the UBKC Assistant Show Host / UBKC Representative at the time of the show, detailing the exact nature of the offense and the names of all parties involved.
  8. Independently Hosted Events; The UBKC is not responsible for awards, trophies or prizes as awarded, or promised by independent Show Hosts.  This shall extend to being responsible for the delivery, or promise of such, as promised by any independent show host.  Where there may be any UBKC event that it either classified as a “Fun Show”, or an independently hosted sanctioned event, the UBKC shall not be held responsible, or accountable for the delivery of any awards, trophies or prizes from any such show or event.  All contestants hereby agree that by participating in any such event, the contestant shall contact the Show Host directly in regards to obtaining any awards, trophies or prizes won or promised from any independent show host.

  9. Events Awards;  The UBKC shall only be responsible for the delivery of the standardized awards, trophies and prizes, as consistently awarded for show placement.  Such awards are Animal Head/Busts, Ribbons, Military Style Dog Tags, Award Plaques, National Champion Rings, Full Body Animal Casts, and the Diamond Shaped Mini Trophies.  The UBKC, may from time to time, decide to issue a specialty trophy or award at any one of it’s events.  Such a decision would be announced both on our Official Facebook page, and our business website. These special awards or trophies would be the responsibility of the UBKC to given to the winner of said award or trophy.  These awards and trophies will be handed out by the Show Host at EVERY event, even if the event is hosted by an independent Show Host.  However, it is the responsibility of the UBKC to ensure the delivery of and the quality of each award, trophy or prize given.

  10. Awards Disbursement;  The following is the standardized award disbursement systems as approved by the UBKC office.  Any Animal Head/Busts, Ribbons, Military Style Dog Tags, Award Plaques, National Champion Rings, Full Body Animal Casts, and the Diamond Shaped Mini Trophies handed out at a UBKC event, MUST meet the following criteria and specs to be considered an Officially recognized UBKC award.

    Ribbon Disbursement:
    1st Place Blue 1st Place Rosette Ribbon
    2nd Place Red 2nd Place Rosette Ribbon
    3rd Place White 3rd Place Rosette Ribbon
    Participant Purple Bookmark Ribbon
    No Contest Show Winner Blue Rosette Ribbon (w/ text “No Contest Show Winner”)
    Animal Heads/Busts:
    1st Place Gold Animal Head/Bust
    2nd Place Silver Animal Head/Bust
    3rd Place Bronze Animal Head/Bust
    Best In Show Glass Animal Head/Bust
    Special Issue Awards:
    National Champion Full Body Animal Casts
    National Champion Tungsten Diamond Ring (w/ text “UBKC NTNL CHAMP 2015”)
    Best In Show Gold Clad – Military Style Dog Tags
    Best In Breed Award Plaque w/ UBKC logo & Information plate
    Jr. Handlers Black UBKC Jr Handler Participant Ribbon
    Best Of Class Diamond Shaped Mini Trophies

    * All official UBKC ribbon awards, will always be consistent in color, will always have the name and date of the show or event on each ribbon.  No official UBKC ribbon will ever be a generic, multipurpose ribbon.  All official UBKC ribbons will have the UBKC logo in the center of the rosette (Top center for bookmark ribbons) and the letters, “UBKC” at the very top of the ribbon.   Independent show hosts may have their company/organizations name printed on the ribbons, but will be near the bottom of the ribbon and shall not be authorized to replace any UBKC text, logo’s or other standard information.  If you receive any ward, trophy or prize that does not meet these standards, your award, ribbon or prize will not be recognized by the UBKC as an office award, ribbon or prize.  In such an event, you should refuse such form the Show host and contact our office immediately the following business day.

  11. The UBKC guarantees the quality of each award, trophy or prize of which it is responsible for the delivery of, for no less than 90 Days from the day of the event said award, trophy or prize was received.  The UBKC shall replace any award, trophy or prize that shall break, crack, fade in color as a result of normal care and usage.   The UBKC shall replace any award, trophy or prize that may be discovered to have a major, noticeable defect that may have been caused during manufacturing for a period of up to 180 days (six months)  from the day of the event said award, trophy or prize was received.

    To have your award, trophy or prize replaced, you must first contact the UBKC office by email, detailing in length, the nature of the defect or breakage, including the exact situation in which such was discovered, or the occurrence in which caused the defect.  You must submit no less tan three (3) pictures of the defect and attach them as a .jpg / .jpeg attachment in the email and include all of your contact information.  If approved for replacement, the UBKC will send you a self addressed, postage paid mailing box for you to send your defective award, trophy or prize to us for inspection.  If we find your award, trophy or prize is defective, the defective unit will become the property of the UBKC and you will be mailed an exact duplicate free of charge.

  12. Participants and Patrons alike are solely responsible for the behavior of the animals while at any UBKC event.  All animals brought to any UBKC show, event or function, are required to have obedient and non-aggressive temperaments.  Animal Owners and professional handlers alike, are responsible for the behavior of any and all animals in their care or possession, even if that animal is not participating in said show or event.  Animals that show advanced aggression, as defined by the presiding Judge, towards any other animal or person, will be asked to leave the show ring and will not be awarded any points or status titles for said event.  Animals that show advanced aggression outside of the show ring, as defined by the Show Host or UBKC Rep, will required to be taken off of the premises.   A Judge must disqualify any animal that attempts to bite, claw or harm any other animal or person.

  13. All animals, (where applicable by animal type), must be kept within an approved size animal crate, cage or on a securely fitting leash and collar while being handled.  No animal may be left unattended, or unrestrained by harness, leash, leader or restraint.

  14. Children must be supervised by an adult, or other sibling of at least 18 years of age at all times.  Children are not permitted to wonder the premises, climb bleachers, or be disruptive in any nature.  Children are not permitted to go outside of the building unless under the supervision of an adult.  One warning will be given to the parent when a child is being disruptive, unruly, or causing a distraction of any kind for the staff or the participants of any show or event.  On he second instance, the parent  may be asked to take the child and to leave the premises.


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