Breeders Agreement

In an effort to combat the ever growing number of litters being produced that result in litters of puppies and/or kittens that never get registered papers, the UBKC is taking a proactive movement to help breeders keep their agreements with each other, once agreements are made.

Two breeders who are entering into an animal breeding agreement, can use this online form to document their agreement in writing. The UBKC will keep record of this agreement for use once the litter is ready to apply for temporary puppy/kitten registration certificates. The UBKC will mail a copy of the agreement to each party, so they each may have a written copy of the agreement they enter in to.

The information provided and the terms included in this agreement will be kept on file with UBKC as the official agreement for Breeding of the listed animals within this breeding agreement. This breeder’s agreement will serve as a legal and binding PRE-AUTHORIZATION by both parties, for the UBKC to award the puppy/kitten papers as defined by both parties in this agreement.

The UBKC is offering this service to animal breeders whom enter into a joint breeding program with each other, when the Sire and Dam are owned by two different Owners. We feel that this service is long overdue service that needs to be provided to breeders, and a much needed service as there is an ever growing number of litters being produced that do not end up with registration papers, as a result of breeding agreements going bad.

This service will help prevent breeders from “holding hostage” puppy/kitten papers once the papers are received. This will help to “Keep Honest People Honest”, AND TO PREVENT BREEDERS FROM BACKING OUT OF BREEDING AGREEMENTS, after the agreements have already been made.

PLEASE BE SURE TO BE AS DESRIPTIVE AS POSSIBLE WHEN FILLING OUT THIS FORM. Extreme attention to detail is absolutely necessary. If there is any discrepancy between agreements from each person’s submission, the UBKC will deny the application until revisions are made between both parties. The persons may also indicate any variation of details, even requesting that a specific number of male/female or puppy/kitten papers gets delivered to which person in the agreement. The persons may also indicate any variation of details, even requesting that a specific number of male/female puppy/kitten papers gets delivered to each person.


Please Fill out the online form to the right, leaving no information blank.

  1. Each person must first communicate with each other to determine the specific details of the agreement. Such as, who the puppy/kitten papers are to be delivered to once the application is submitted.
  2. For Best Results, we advise that both parties enter into their agreement by communicating orally first, then copy & past their agreement, and email it to each other for personal verification. Make sure that everything you agree to and want in your agreement is in writing before submitting it to us.
  3. Once your agreement is made, each person must submit their application using the form to the left, and we will assign a Breeders Agreement #.  The owner of the Sire will fill out the form using the Sire Section. The Owner of the Dam will fill out the form using the Dam section.
  4. Next, attach a copy of your scanned drivers license to the online form. This will serve as proof of identity for each person of this agreement. A security measure that we feel will prove each persons identity. We will however contact each party to verify the agreement and identity of each party.   (No part of your personal information will be stored beyond the agreement, nor shared with any other person, group or organization for any reason. Once the agreement is met and completed, the UBKC will shred such information after 30 days.)

We will send copies of the agreement on official UBKC letterhead to each party. Once the litter is born, and ready for application of temporary registration certificates, the UBKC will adhere to the terms of this agreement, and award the puppy/kitten papers as per the agreement details written and submitted by both parties. – Thus leaving both persons getting exactly what the agreement outlines.
SPECIAL NOTE:   Once this agreement is submitted, the UBKC will not allow any one person of this agreement to make any changes without a signed and notarized written request submitted by both parties. If a signed and notarized request is submitted, it must indicate that both parties mutually agree to the requested changes of terms. The UBKC will contact both parties directly to verify this information. Once verified, the UBKC will make any changes requested.

This service will be offered free of charge to UBKC members when both the Sire and the Dam being used in the breeding, are already registered with the UBKC. If you would like to use this service, and your Sire and/or Dam is not currently registered with the UBKC, there will be a $10 record keeping fee applied to use this service. Additionally, you will be required to have both the Sire and Dam registered with approved UBKC registration numbers to use this service.

Choose a form below to begin

Please choose one of the forms below to complete this agreement. If both the Sire and Dam owners are present, click on “Both Parties Present” to begin. If the Sire and Dam owners are filling out the form separately, please click on the corresponding form for the animal you own. The Sire’s UBKC Registration number will be used by both parties to link their agreement into a single binding breeders contract.

Just another valuable service offered by the UBKC in an effort to save the breeds we love…