Ultimate Breeder Kennel Club is a pedigree registry company with roots seated deep within the realms of animal breeding.  UBKC was founded to do our part as a responsible pedigree registry company and to encourage ethical breeding practices among our registrants.  Our goal is to help protect quality genetics of the animals we register by enforcing the breed standards of each breed type.

We are owned and operated by dog breeders and share the same love and enthusiasm for the animals we support as each of our clients. We love the events, the fun times, the laughs and friendships just the same as each of you. We understand what you expect from a top notch breeding company, because we too have been active breeders ourselves.

We are located in the heartland of America, within central Indiana. We plan to continue growing and improving our services as we strive to become not only the best pedigree registry company, but the only pedigree registry company you will ever need.

We hope that one day each breed of every animal will be protected and preserved in it’s purest form and that paper hanging and falsification of registration papers will end forever. Our goal is to strive for a pure genetic race of the purebreds within each breed. Our aim is to preserve the pure genetics of each breed of animal by bringing paper-hanging to an end once and for all.

kevin owner of UBKCKevin McIntyre
Dates of Service: January 7th, 2011 to Present.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana. I’ve traveled the country extensively, having been to 33 States thus far. I currently have over 17 years of business management experience. I currently have a US Treasury background clearance, US Treasury MSB license, TSA background clearance, a Federal ammunition resell license, I hold a provisional patent, and 3 trademarks. Additionally, I am currently pursuing my love of flying and working towards obtaining my pilots license during the summer of 2015.

From an early age, I knew that I was an extreme animal lover. It seems that I was always sneaking stray animals, birds, and even insects into my house as a kid. Anytime I could find an aquarium someone may have been throwing out, I was guaranteed to get a new mouse or hamster to put in it. With an extreme love for all types of animals, I have over 27 years of hands on experience with dogs, cats, fish and even birds. With all 27 years experience being with the Bully Breeds of dogs specifically. My first pit-bull was at the age of 13 and I’ve known since then, that this would be my breed of choice for the remainder of my life. After having seen the unfavorable breeding practices taking place in the early years of 2000’s, I stepped away from breeding and settled in with just a single pit-bull and myself.

But before long, I found myself desiring to find a way to stop the paper hanging and illegitimate breed mixing that was taking place with the breed I loved most. I was watching before my eyes, the present day breeders single-handedly destroying in under five years, what took our breeding forefathers over 100 years of breeding to create… enough was enough! Because of my love for the breed, and for all animals, I set out on a mission to design a business method that would promise a rock solid future for all animals with a recordable genetic lineage. Which led me to found the UBKC, Ultimate Breeder Kennel Club.

Today, my mission is to preserve the genetics of all purebred animals and to stop paper-hanging and unscrupulous breeding practices, forever! I have vowed to preserve the genetics of the animals I love and to protect the years of work that our breeding forefathers have put in towards creating the breeds of animals that we have today.

The UBKC is a home for all breeds of all animals, where any animals with a recordable genetic lineage can safely have their heritage, genetics, health records and show titles recorded and safeguarded. My vision for the UBKC is that one day, it will be among the top world class animal registry companies, providing pedigree services for all types animals from 4H rabbits, to dogs, cats and even livestock.